About us

FOSMO (a non profit corporation) was started by a group of pilots, mechanics, and air traffic controllers who fly and work out of Santa Monica airport who were frustrated by the continual attacks in the press against the airport by a minority of citizens who live in close proximity to the airport. Because of our day to day contact with the airport we knew much of the data that was being given to the press by these groups was either false or exaggerated and the many benefits the airport offers the flying and non flying community were being ignored.

We knew if the public knew the positive aspects Santa Monica Airport the vocal minority against the airport would not be able to mislead the majority of Santa Monica Citizens into thinking the airport should be closed and developed for other uses.

Our mission statement:

To promote aviation at Santa Monica Airport; to educate the public as to the past, present, and future benefits of aviation and thereby preserve our community.

Today our actions serving the goal of “promoting aviation” have taken many forms. FOSMO members have donated time and money to house a Boy Scout Aviation Merit badge day with hundreds of scouts in attendance and many Saturday BBQ days open to the public with 40 or 50 in attendance.

We have also had meetings with neighborhood groups, the Airport Commission, and airport and city staff.

Due to these efforts of cooperation and education we are seeing the some results. The press is sometimes willing to tell our side of the story and suggestions we have made to reduce noise produced at the airport are being considered. We plan to expand our efforts in the future because we know those against the airport will not diminish theirs.

We hope that all of you who share a love for Santa Monica Airport will join us in this struggle and help support FOSMO.

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Our Board of Directors

Our board are a dedicated group of pilots, mechanics and air traffic controllers with businesses or planes based at Santa Monica Airport. Contact us →

Robby Rowbotham

Robby owns a Cirrus and a G-1000 equipped Cessna 172 based at SMO and on the Justice Aviation line.

Ken Fuller
Vice – President

Ken is in charge of the PR committee. He flies regularly around Southern California and beyond.

Howard Israel

Also a Certificated Flight Instructor, Howard has a wealth of technical knowledge about aviation in general.

Gene Korney

Gene is a CPA based in Santa Monica and is also a Certificated Flight Instructor.

Our Committees

Our board aren’t the only people doing hard work around SMO! We have a number of committees dedicated to supporting our great airport, including our Youth Outreach Committee, PR Committee, Technical Committee, and others.